Emphasis on Applied 3D Animation

EXACO (S) PTE LTD contributed 3D animations in numerous projects, a short listing follows:

Atwood Falcon S$ 12 Million project
Modec Venture II U$ 16 Million project
Berlian ferry S$ 3 Million project
Marine 500 > S$ 10 Million project
Walvis > U$ 2 Million project
Petrobras > U$ 40 Million project
New subsea ROV U$ 5 Million project

EXACO (S) PTE LTD will further promote 3D Industrial and Video animations locally and abroad.

Gold Award

EXACO produced the 3D animation for a Major Shipyard in the 2nd SAFETY CONVENTION FOR THE MARINE INDUSTRY organized by Association of Singapore Marine Industries which won the Gold Award 2000.

A copy of the certificate is shown in our company brochure.

As part of SIGGRAPH (Singapore chapter), EXACO (S) PTE LTD is also constantly upgrading our technology in a world-recognized society of animators and computer graphics, this will allow EXACO (S) PTE LTD to make long term investment and projections to ‘see’ how this 3D trend will lead.