Extent which we use the technology to help generate higher added value to our customers

(A) Much of complex project execution plans were able to effectively communicated across to the Clients’ Project Management Team and more important, to his customers.

e.g. Project Leader, Customer’s Superintendent and Inspectors.
These take the form of 3D graphical posters and complete video animation (short clips of 3 to 15 minutes) to ‘show’ key execution members what are the major structures and or sequence of events that will take place when the project starts.

A lot of time lost and ‘mis-communications’ is being negated by these 3D animation programs with video support to allow project members to ‘see’ beforehand the physical installations thus facilitating better planning.

(B) Customers (Marketing Managers) are now able to travel round the world with a CDROM (with 3D animation) that is tailored specifically for his client.

(C) Customers are able to show professionalism and details studies in his executions of projects for his clients and team members.