Project Layout Rendering

Project media submitted by EXACO is via CD ROM/DVD and can be viewed with any PC with the Windows operating system. Any movie playback program allows the frame by frame analysis of the animation for detailed explanation by the project manager.

Shipowners, Rig Owners are now familiar with this technology and we anticipate this form of virtual reality presentation for Marine Vessel new building or repairs will very soon by an industry standard tool.

Safety, Project Monitoring, Productivity and Cost Control/Saving with Projects' Simulation at the beginning (even during the Sales pitch) has shown fantastic results both qualitatively and quantitatively. This idea of 3D animation and A1-sized posters from the beginning of this project has already shown tremendous promise with all assigned personnel (from Overall Project Manager to Supervisor) acknowledge that this was by far the first time they could "see" a large Marine project being handled. They now better know their task in answering the where, when, what, who and how, from visual animation thanks to 3D graphics.

From an Overall Plant Plan View, General Arrangement to specific parts/components in 3D layout view in graphics colour print (up to A0 size).

-Exaco Engineering Drawings covers 2D and 3D geometry modelling with the latest CAD computer technology.

  1. Cost effective design via visualisation in 3D space.
  2. Advanced Modelling techniques via NURBS and MESH formats
  3. Full surface topology for analysis techniques. (E.g. Computations of COG. Paint surface Areas)
  4. Enhanced Communication across Project Team Members.