-Exaco White Papers Download Section

-Exaco has placed a number of white papers for your perusal in Adobe's PDF format. Please download the viewer if you do not already have it installed.

 About -Exaco Pte Ltd

98 KB
This PDF presents an overview about -Exaco Pte Ltd, its services and our aims.

 CGI for the Legal Industry

401 KB
Accident reconstruction and forensics investigations can be aided by Exaco's Computer Generated Imagery techniques.

 CGI Case Study 1 - Animated Accident  Visualisation

403 KB
A case study based on recreating a 3D courtroom scene.

 CGI Case Study 2 - Animated Accident  Visualisation

779 KB

Another case based upon a hull crack on a tanker.

 OFFSHORE & FPSO QA/QC Database Program

762 KB
Implementation of a Construction / Fabrication Quality Control and Assurance database program (network version) for major shipyards that are engaged in large offshore and marine projects where QA/QC forms part of the requirement and document submittals.

 ISO9002 Computer program for SME

469 KB
This software targets SMEs who have achieved or are looking for the ISO 9002 standard by collating all the necessary documentation into a single, central place.

 3D Animation of Oil Rig Repairs

203 KB
-Exaco's new means of communication project completion - using visual computer imagery. This example focuses on the upgrading an offshore oil rig.

 Blasting/Painting Area Computation of Ships and Offshore Rigs.

118 KB

Using -Exaco's custom software, ships and offshore oil rigs undergoing major repairs such as Blasting and Painting can now be accurately determined!

  Exaco Services

520 KB

An overview about -Exaco's What we value along with Services and General Information condensed into a single PDF!